Elliott Baptist Church is very mission minded, and has always taken the duty of missions seriously. It is an honor to have the opportunity to support the Lord's work all over the world. 

Below are some of the missionaries and works we support.

Antioch Baptist College

President: Dr. Dan Farrell 7000 Summerhill Dr. Westchester, OH 45069    (513)779-4316 secretary@msbc.com 

Bible & Literature Foundation

Dr. Robert & Linda Lemmon 713 South Cannon Blvd. Shelbyville, TN 37160       (931)684-0304                   (931)684-5442       biblelit.com officeblmf@bellsouth.net

Norman and Patricia Brockway

Missionary to the Spanish speaking people of Georgia.

102 Crakston CT.          Bonair, GA 31005 nbrockway@yahoo.com

Alejandro Castro

Missionaries to the Spanish speaking people of Ohio. 

1304 Hensley Ave.   Hamilton, OH 45011

Sending Church:          Winton Place Baptist Church Cincinnati, OH

Chotaw Missionary Baptist Church

Gerald Willis

Missionary pastor to the Choctaw People of Mississippi. 

P.O. Box 105             Carthage, MS 39051

Michael & Beverly Creighlow

Missionaries to Brazil 

Caixa Postal 24 69980 Cruzeiro do Sul                 Acre, Brazil

mdcreig@hotmail.com creglowsinbrazil.com

Roy Dearmore

Former Missionary to Africa and Brazil. Currently involved in training, and writing systematic Theology.

P.O. Box 460639         Garland, Texas 75046

Sending Church:           Rogers Baptist Church


Bobby & Brandi Decker

Missionaries to the Youth of America.

18771 Glen Watts Ln. Livingston, LA 70754


Sending Church:  Fundamental Baptist Church Livingston, LA

Dr. Cecil & Denise Fayard


Sending Church:             Elliott Baptist Church    Elliott, Ms


Parish & Jeanne Ann Hartley

Missionaries to Peru

Trujillo, Peru



AJ & Barbara Hensley

Missionaries to Brazil

Caixa Postal 1511 Caraguatatuba, Sao Paulo Brazil 11672-300


Esther Hill

Missionary to England

Assistant to: Bro. & Mrs. James Zenker              Beaches Road Baptist Church                 Birmingham, England

C/O Faith Baptist Church 1300 Eckford St.              Water Valley, MS 38965


Under construction.

Many more missionaries to come.

Thank you for your patience.